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Abu Dhabi Conference

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Ladies & Gentlemen

This year’s IJUBOA conference should be one of our most interesting conferences so far.

The conference on the 31st May will begin with a visit to the GMS facilities in Abu Dhabi, which will include a tour of the yard and the first sight of the new GUSTO 2500 design Evolution lift ship.

Following our usual lunch at the hotel we have an afternoon of very interesting presentations.  The introduction to the afternoon will be an opening speech from the IJUBOA Chairman John Howard who will be introducing the speakers of the afternoon.

We start off with a key note speech from Joe Brincat who is known to many in the Middle East in his role as Vice President ABS Middle East Region. More details of his career can be found below this review.

Joe will be talking to the assembled audience on the state of market for lift ships and the future legislation that may occur.

This will be followed by a very interesting presentation by GMS who will be discussing their use of 3D construction techniques when designing and building jack up barges.

This will be followed by a presentation by IJUBOA on the progress the association is making towards a world- wide barge master qualification. After a short comfort break for coffee the afternoon will be rounded off by a very interesting presentation from Mr Brian Stokes who is the International Regional Manager for the Middle East representing the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

The afternoon is concluded with the Annual General Meeting of IJUBOA where any member of the association can raise issues of interest or any other matters that they wish to highlight as well as the formal housekeeping matters of the association.

As always, this will be followed in the evening by the IJUBOA Gala Dinner.


Monday May 30th . Arrival at Traders Hotel. Drinks reception approximately 18.30.

Tuesday May 31st.  Breakfast 08.00 at the hotel.

09.00 Coach Tour to the GMS facilities.  Arr. 09.40, tour of the yard facility and GUSTO 2500 design Evolution under construction.  Depart 11.10 for hotel

12.00 Return to the hotel.

12.30 Seated for lunch at the hotel.

14.00 The afternoon events commence with the Opening Speech by IJUBOA Chairman

14.10 Key note speech from Joe Brincat 20 minutes for his address plus a further 5-6 minutes for Q. & A.   Proposed Subject : The state of the Market for Liftboats and future legislative developments

14.35 GMS presentation on Utilising 3D Construction techniques in building Jack Up barges

15.00  Progress towards achieving a recognised Barge Master  qualification, IJUBOA Committee member.

15.30 Comfort break and coffee.

16.00 Presentation by Brian Stokes on the work that the Scottish Qualification Authority does around the world+ Q&A

16.35 The IJUBOA AGM.

17.15 approx.  Completion of AGM and break before dinner.

19.30 The IJUBOA gala dinner.

June 1st 2016 Breakfast and departure.

The International Jack up Barge Operators Association was formed in 2008 with a mission to:

to set, sustain and promote standards for the safe and effective operation of self elevating platforms throughout the world

It has three strategic goals:

To promote a safe industry safe for its people, for the environment and for society at large

To promote a learning industry with the skilled and professional workforce essential for the safe and efficient operation of jack up barges

To promote a well run industry responsive to the needs of its customers and committed to continuous improvement.

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