International Jack up Barge Operators Association

The International Jack up Barge Operators Association was formed in 2008 with a mission to:

“promote the safe, cost effective and environmentally sound use of jack up barges as responses to a wide range of challenges”

It has three strategic goals:

To promote a safe industry safe for its people, for the environment and for society at large

To promote a learning industry with the skilled and professional workforce essential for the safe and efficient operation of jack up barges

To promote a well run industry responsive to the needs of its customers and committed to continuous improvement

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The 2015 IJUBOA Managers’ Course

The popular and successful IJUBOA “Managers’ Course” will next run in Bristol, UK
from 30th June to 2nd July 2015.

Designed by the industry, of the industry, the course is ideal for people involved in the management or
procurement of jack-up barges or lift boats.

The course aims to identify in detail the specific risks associated with jack-up barge deployment and how
these can best be managed. Over the course of three days the team of expert trainers uses a mix of lectures,
discussion and group exercises to make the subject come alive.

To register for this course please fill in and return the Managers’ Course 2015 Booking Form

For more information click here or call the IJUBOA Office on 01935 471892 or e-mail

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LEGAL NOTICE – Please Read
IJUBOA seeks to improve industry practice and the performance of its members through collaborative association. It is, however, imperative that members understand that there are legal limitations applicable to collaborative activities within industrial sectors and the attention of all members is drawn to the Competition Law Notice available here: IJUBOA Policy Statement On Compliance With Competition Law. Members must read that notice and will be taken to have agreed to comply with it by their continuing membership. In addition, members must note that IJUBOA in making suggestions and even recommendations as to the conduct of activities, best industry practice or how operations should be managed, administered or undertaken it is doing so as an unremunerated service to members (and only to members) and cannot accordingly accept any responsibility in respect thereof. Members, and any other user of this website or IJUBOA materials, acknowledge this and agree that IJUBOA shall have no liability for any losses, costs or damage suffered or incurred in consequence thereof.