Assessment of Barge Master Competence

The IJUBOA assessment of Barge Master Competence is currently the only scheme available that accredits the skills and knowledge of working barge masters. The assessment is made against set of criteria designed by IJUBOA in consultation with barge operating companies and industry experts.

It takes the form of a one day on site assessment by a competent person approved by IJUBOA. (IJUBOA members who comply with the IMO’s International Safety Management Code may propose their own in house assessor for approval.)  The assessor will use a mixture of observation, questioning and discussion with both the candidate and their line manager to decide whether the master can be deemed competent to operate the barge safely. If this is the case the assessor will endorse Section 5a of the IJUBOA Official Logbook and issue a formal report to the barge master, their employer and IJUBOA.

Members may apply to have one or more barge masters assessed at any one time and are welcome to combine with other members to put together a group (maximum 5 in number) of barge masters forward for assessment. Details of how to apply for an assessment can be found towards the end of the IJUBOA Official Logbook Guidelines.

IJUBOA also offers members a “pre-assessment” service by which employers can gauge whether their barge masters are ready for the official, external assessment and what, if anything, they need to improve on. For an informal discussion about how this service could help you please contact John Howard by email or telephone.

Employers are recommended always to ask to see the IJUBOA Official Logbook when recruiting new staff. They should check to see if Part 5a is endorsed and ask to see a copy of the assessment report. IJUBOA keeps a full record of all who have passed the assessment and members are welcome to ask for details to be checked and verified at no cost.