Certificated Companies

A safe operation depends on sound, robust safety management systems.  Jack-up barge companies that can demonstrate they operate a safety management system which conforms to the IJUBOA Code of Practice can be registered as an IJUBOA Certificated Company.

Such companies are listed below and are issued with a numbered logo (pictured, right) which they can use on all official paperwork, web sites and promotional material.

Companies can apply for certification by sending either a copy of their ISM Document of Compliance in respect of their jack-up operations or a copy of their Certificate of Conformity to the IJUBOA Code of Practice to the IJUBOA office.

This important initiative has been designed by the industry, for the industry. It enables clients to contract with jack-up companies and be confident that robust safety management systems are in place.

This represents a major step towards achieving of one IJUBOA’s core goals – to promote an industry “safe for its people, the environment and society at large”.

Register of IJUBOA Certificated Companies

 Number  Company name  Web site
 001  A2Sea  www.a2sea.com
 002  Jack-up Barge BV  www.jackupbarge.com
 003  Gulf Marine Services  www.gmsuae.com
 004  Herbosch Kiere  www.herbosch-kiere.co.uk
 005  Fugro Seacore  www.seacore.com
 006  CMP Thames
 007  Red7Marine  www.red7marine.co.uk
 008  Hercules Offshore  www.herculesoffshore.com
 009  Svensk Sjöentrepenad AB  www.sse-ab.se
 010  Topbond PLC  www.topbond.co.uk
 011  Structural Soils  www.soils.co.uk
 012  Seafox  www.seafox.com
 013  Besix  www.besix.com