On the 12 Feb 2018, the first IJUBOA SQA Award in Barge Master Operations took place at STC bv in Rotterdam.

We are delighted that the first candidates all passed and received their awards on completion and we extend huge congratulations and thanks to their companies, Shell, Petrofac, Horizon Geotechnical and Herbosch Kiere for enrolling their barge-masters on this inaugural course.IJUBOA was founded on the belief and commitment from the founding members that the role of a Barge Master was of sufficient importance and responsibility and required such specialist knowledge that every barge master in whatever his location deserved to have a bespoke and internationally recognised qualification. This has now been achieved and for the first time Barge operators around the world can demonstrate to their clients that these essential marine craft are being operated and managed to the highest possible standards of safety and best practice. The course is available to time served professional seamen who have already achieved a broad range of basic marine qualifications as well as time served on an SEP. This forms the foundations on which the IJUBOA course is built.

Many marine construction operations require the use of a stable platform to perform activities and rely greatly on the knowledge, skills and competences of the barge-masters in charge of jack up operations. This IJUBOA four day modular training course was specifically developed to cover an understanding of the range of risks associated with the safe deployment of jack ups and a corresponding understanding of how to manage them. Approved as a customised Award by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and recognised by the HSE, MCA and Nautical Institute (for CPD points), the course fulfils the need to develop skills and knowledge within the Jack-Up and SEP industry.IJUBOA developed the course with the assistance of Gulf Marine Services and it was then approved as a customised award the course by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) who are responsible for issuing the Certificate of Competence in partnership with IJUBOA. The course has been welcomed by many groups such as the G+, Renewable UK , MSA, TSA, and Gust MSC and is also recognised by the HSE, MCA and Nautical Institute. The course fulfils the need to develop skills and knowledge within the Jack-Up, SEP and Lift Ship industries.

For Further information please contact info@ijuboa.com

Simulator Assessment at STC BV – part of the training module