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Commercial Marine & Piling Ltd was founded in 1986. The acquisition of Branford Civil and Marine Ltd in 1999 has contributed to the controlled expansion and diversification into the field of marine civil engineering and water treatment works.

Names: Julian  Branford – 01425 489600
Paul  Branford
Number  of Barges 1
Name of  Vessel
Technical  Specifications
Type of Vessel Jack up Barge
Technical Data
Technical Dimensions 21/15 x 15 x 1.52m
Draft 0.8m
Dead Weight 200 Tons inclusive of all fuels and legs
Gross Tonnage 103
Clear Deck Capacity Approx. 144 m squared
Deck Capacity 60 Tons 12m above seabed
Moon Pool x 2
Jacking System
Type 4 Legs Hydraulics
Lifting Capacity 2 x 42 ton jack per leg
Maximum Stroke 0.6m
Leg Length 22.3m
Leg Diameter 762mm (30″)
Maximum Working Pressure 2000 PSI = 144kg/cm
Power Pack 5 Cylinder deutz x 2
Bunker Capacity
Fuel 400 Gallons Diesel – optional
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