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Founded in 1999, Lankelma have become the UK’s leading cone penetration testing provider. Lankelma routinely works in the UK and Europe plus overseas in Africa, China, South America, Australasia and the Middle East controlling a fleet of 18 CPT Rigs for site investigation projects (including but not limited to restricted access, rail, highways, ports and harbours) and a Combifloat C5 jack-up platform for near and offshore works in water depths up to 20m.

Lankelma offers high quality CPT services which use a range of geotechnical tools such as piezocone, seismic cone and Pressuremeter to define ground conditions. Reports are customised to client needs and can range from the delivery of standard factual data to the detailed interpretation of soil profile and properties through the application of geo-statistics and CPT based analytical research. In partnership with selected drilling companies, Lankelma delivers technically challenging geotechnical investigations worldwide.

Lankelma has the advantage of being part of the Gardline group of companies with over 40 years of experience in the marine survey company. This gives Lankelma access to a wide arrangement of marine site investigation seabed tools as well as a pool of very experienced engineers.


Eric Zon (Managing Director) 01797 280050 / 07740082401