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Recently Ravestein BV has developed a new product for Ravestein’s product range, called “Modular Loading Quay”.

We have built this loading quay for Anglo American and transported to Santana, Brazil.

The facility consists of a berth for vessels and can accept various material handling systems for bulks & ores but also crude oil or for containers.

The facilities built at our premises in The Netherlands can be transported worldwide. Our experienced team will install and commission the facility to be in operation within approx. 6 months from order
Ravestein is specialised in the design & construction of heavy marine steel structures, such as Bridges, Ro-Ro Linkspans, Pontoons, Crane Barges, Tidal Gates, Lock and Dock gates and special structures.

RCP design & construct various marine vessels including Jack-Up Platforms, Modular Pontoons, Work Vessels, and other (Marine/Dredging) Equipment. The basis is a modular system. The advantages are the standard ISO container dimensions of the modules and the Dove Tail Coupling System.

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