Membership Overview

As a Trade Association, IJUBOA offers full membership to jack up barge owners/operators at an annual cost of £4000.00 per fully certificated member. It is a membership requirement as an owner/operator that the company applying for membership should now meet the prescribed Code of Practice format as laid down by IJUBOA.

IJUBOA is moving to a position where all its full owner/operator members will without exception hold either full ISM Code covering self- propelled vessels or the IJUBOA CoP or equivalent (ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 with specific reference to SEP’s) covering all non -propelled vessels.

New members will now be required to confirm that ISM Certification before joining or in the event of not having ISM Code will be required to demonstrate their management ability by meeting the IJUBOA CoP.

All existing members not holding ISM Code or equivalent will now be required to meet the IJUBOA CoP. The Executive Committee will announce on the 16th April 2015 the final date when all IJUBOA members must have  demonstrated their ability to meet the CoP to retain their membership to IJUBOA.

“Important Announcement”

IJUBOA is issuing an invitation to all independent and Company Jack masters to register their name and email address with IJUBOA if they are interested in joining new group within IJUBOA . This would be known as the “Jack Masters Group” If there is a requirement for this section the advantages of its membership will be announced when the numbers wanting this section are clearer.

Reasons For Membership

  • It sets standards for the industry
  • It provides an opportunity for  operators to identify and attempt to address the key issues affecting the industry
  • It also provides an opportunity to understand changes and developments in the industry
  • It is beneficial to be part of a recognised, professional trade body.

IJUBOA is a professional trade association which has been formed for the benefit of its members and to assist members to provide a safe and professional service to their clients.

As a member you will be informed of changes in legislation that may affect the operation of SEP’s. The latest technological improvements in the industry will be reviewed and relevant information circulated to all members.

IJUBOA provides its members with an opportunity to meet and network with each other at conference events and form a collegiate relationship with other members of the industry.

Membership is not restricted to owners and operators but is available to companies who are heavily involved in this sector of the industry and as such play their part in maintaining a cohesive and efficient industry. The cost for Corporate Associate Membership is @ £750.00 per annum.