Lessons Identified From Reported Incidents

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea requires flag states to conduct casualty investigations and to supply the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) with relevant findings.

The requirement has been translated into EU and national law.  Many national administrations publish the results of individual investigations and annual reports on-line.  The Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum has a list of national and international authorities responsible for investigating accidents and publishing reports at http://www.maiif.org/index.php/related-sites

The safety committee will prepare a quarterly summary of relevant reports.

The investigation of near-misses by companies is a requirement under the International Safety Management Code (ISM), to which companies operating large jack-ups are subject.  Companies operating smaller jack-ups who wish to comply with the “IJUBOA Code of Practice” will also have procedures in place to investigate near misses.

Members are encouraged to make other members aware of any safety lessons they have identified from any cause, including accidents and near misses.  Those companies who issue internal safety alerts may copy them to other members by using the “Email all members” link here, or on the members’ page.  In other circumstances a simple narrative email to all members may be sufficient.

It should be borne in mind that the purpose of all these investigations and reports is to ascertain what happened in order to prevent re-occurrence, and not to apportion blame.  The removal of names of individuals and companies from reports submitted by companies will in many cases be appropriate.