Safety Guidelines

There are many excellent sources of guidance on the safe operation of jack-up barges.  These include generic health and safety guides published by government agencies, guidance specifically aimed at marine operations by Port State regulatory authorities, and those written to address particular industry needs.

IJUBOA will, where it is felt necessary, issue further guidelines of its own to define in more detail particular aspects operating jack-ups safely.  These guidelines are designed to be used by jack-up operators and their clients so that they may work together to plan and deliver a safe jack-up operation.

Marine Plant Fatigue

IJUBOA Guidance Note GND-13-02

Minimum Manning Levels for Jack-Up Barges

IJUBOA Guidance Note GND-13-01

Second Person Authorisation Permit

Using IJUBOA standards and certification to measure competence of companies and individuals:

Guidance for clients wishing to ensure that the barge companies and the people who work for them are competent and safe is available here