Teras Offshore use IJUBOA Managers’ Course for Staff Training

IJUBOA has just delivered the latest of its popular courses for managers to a group of employees of Teras Offshore in Singapore.

“Managing Safe and Effective Liftboat Operations”  was designed to give an overview of the risks involved in deploying jack-up vessels (in this case self propelled liftboats) and identify how these risks can best be addressed.  Teras Offshore felt that a range of staff in their organisation would benefit from such a course so people attended from four different departments  within the company – Commercial, Health & Safety, Engineering and Operations.

The course covered all aspects of jack-up deployment and focussed on the rigorous  planning necessary for operations to be safe and effective.  This included an understanding of soil structure and how its strength is calculated and managed, this being the most crucial factor affecting jack-up operations.

The trainers, from Noble Denton and UTEC Geomarine tailored the course to fit the company’s operations covering both three and four legged vessels.  There were a number of challenging group exercises for people to work on together and the course as a whole provided a forum for different functions within Teras Offshore to discuss common issues and share ideas.

The feedback was very positive with all the participants saying the course had enhanced their knowledge and understanding. In particular the Commercial team said they would be able to have better informed discussions with their clients and so reduce or eliminate  problems caused by lack of information or differing client/operator expectations.

Peter Lee, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Teras Offshore Pte, who commissioned the course said:  “The Rig Manager’s course has indeed met our expectations especially in gaining an insight into the various aspects of the overall operational management of a self-propelled liftboat. We are now able to understand the various considerations to be taken that are of significance before a liftboat gets planted onto a location.”

“On a different note, the trainers were professionals in their own field, are highly experienced and this made the topics easily understood by all. We look forward to working with IJUBOA on future training that will be of relevance to the liftboat industry.”

IJUBOA will continue to offer this course both to individuals and on a whole company basis, as was the case with Teras Offshore.  For further details please contact the IJUBOA office