The IJUBOA Liverpool Conference 2014


IJUBOA held its Annual General Meeting and conference in Liverpool on June 25th & 26th of this year. This year’s conference also combined a Managers’ Course which was held at the same hotel on the preceding 3 days.

The whole conference was a very great success with members arriving from around the world to enjoy the hospitality of the Marriott Hotel, Liverpool and the usual networking that always takes place at these events.

At the close of the event members took time to thank John Howard for organising what has been described as IJUBOA’s best conference yet.

The conference included presentations from Reflex Marine who provide a number of products to the marine industry including the well-known Frog which was the subject of the presentation. This year’s conference was themed with “Managing Client Relationships” and so the next presentation was from Peel Ports, who gave an interesting perspective on the issues of berthing and accommodating Jack Up vessels both large and small.

A presentation was also made by the MCA who discussed with the audience modified legislation being introduced through the Brown Code (Workboat Code). The final presentation was from Liverpool Partnership and was presented by Mark Basnett who outlined the capital expenditure that Liverpool is committed to for the improvements of the port facilities and the increased trade being conducted with the Americas due to Liverpool’s central location to the U.K.


One of IJUBOA’s core objectives has been to provide a course which is client focussed to enlighten companies on what they may expect and what they may be able to achieve when they hire a Jack Up vessel. 

There has always been considerable interest and demand for this course but it is due to its nature a very demanding course to organise.  IJUBOA relies upon both internal and external experts to provide and intensive 2 ½ day programme covering the issues that will face a project manager when they engage with a Jack Up vessel for a project.

As you might expect many of the lectures deal with the geotechnics and seabed conditions that a Jack Up Barge has to contend with but other aspects are also examined in great detail, such as the mechanics, the welfare and the legal requirements that surround the operation.

The purpose of the course is  to create a better understanding between client and operator so that issues that commonly arise when in contract can be recognised and discussed pre-contract in order that a better and more productive relationship prevails between the client and the operators.


IJUBOA Presentation – Reflex Marine by Charlie House

IJUBOA Presentation – Peel Ports by Russell Bird

IJUBOA Presentation – Liverpool Enterprise by Mark Basnett