Ladder Transfer Training

There will always be risk associated with getting people on and off jack-up barges and this risk needs to be managed effectively. And a crucial element of any safety management system is the training of personnel.

Lowestoft College has worked with Red7 Marine to develop a  short course  entitled “Ladder Transfer Training for Jack-up Vessels”.

This is designed to assess, train and certificate all those needing to get on and off a jack-up barge using a ladder. The target audience for this training includes not just crew members but all visitors to the barge, whether they be contractors, clients or representatives of other organisations.

The course takes place at Lowestoft College’s Maritime & Offshore Centre and the practical training and assessment is carried out in its purpose built Environmental Survival Tank where hostile conditions can be simulated.

In addition a theory element is included and a certificate of competence is issued to candidates who successfully complete the course.

An effective safety management system will require evidence that everyone needing to access a barge is competent to do so.  This course, together with the certificate, go a long way towards meeting this requirement – full details of the course can be found here