Official Logbook

Offical Log Book The IJUBOA Official Logbook, also known as the “Blue Book” is designed for anybody who works on a jack up barge, from new crew member to barge master. The book belongs to the holder and is for them to use to keep a record of the experience they have gained working on jack-up barges.

It details the work that a person has done, the contracts they have worked on, the specific tasks they have performed, the training they have received and the certificates they hold. All entries in the Book are validated by the signature of the vessel master, other senior company representative or, when appropriate, a provider of training.

The Logbook also allows for internal company assessments of competence to be recorded.   The intention is to update this log book to contain a more comprehensive “competence framework” to detail the practical skills involved in jack-up operations.

The Logbook can be ordered by IJUBOA members for the people working for them, whether they be employed or self employed. Guidelines on how to use the Logbook and details of how to order it can be found here.