Code of Practice

The Association’s general meeting on 21 June 2011 resolved to adopt a Code of Practice.

It is based on the IMO International Safety Management Code (ISM). The chief difference between the codes is that under the Jack Up Code the operating company is assessed and if successful awarded a “Jack-up company certificate of conformity” (similar to the ISM “Document of Compliance”) but individual barges are not issued with the equivalent of the ISM “Safety Management Certificate” issued to ships.

Currently auditors approved by the Association are:

Mark Hayward
Noble House
39 Tabernacle Street
London EC2A 4AA
United Kingdom

London Offshore Consultants
Mike Frampton
Ibex House
42 – 47 Minories
London EC3N 1DY
United Kingdom


Bureau Veritas

Offices all over the world – contact via their website


Auditing companies will be kept under review and other competent auditors will be added to it as they become known. Barge operating companies are invited to propose auditors for approval by the Association.

Companies awarded the “Jack-up company certificate of conformity” should send a copy of it to the Association so that they can be registered as an IJUBOA certificated company and use the enhanced, numbered logo that will be issued to them.

IJUBOA has also developed a Self Assessment Tool to enable companies to identify how much (or little) they need to do, to comply with the Code of Practice – details of the tool and how to use it are included within the Code of Practice document which can be downloaded from the link below. Please note that the tool is only to be used members.

Code of Practice

Self Assessment Tool