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ABCO MARINE – are a fully-integrated specialist marine civil engineering service for all types of Marine Infrastructure, including:
Long Sea Outfalls
Overwater Drilling and Piling
Harbour Developments
Dredging and Marine Excavation
In- and Over-Water Blasting Operations, and much more…
Based in Northern Ireland – and working throughout the UK and all of Ireland – they are a family-owned business that displays the energy and commitment you would expect from a business that has a rapidly growing portfolio of clients, all highly satisfied that their projects are delivered on time, within specification and within budget.

If you’re looking for a transport and installation provider that can deliver what you need safely, on time and on budget every time, then A2SEA is your best choice. Offshore wind industry’s most experienced provider of Foundation transport & installation, Turbine transport & installation and Operations & maintenance logistics
A2SEA maintains and operates its own fleet of specially designed vessels and equipment. This gives them flexibility to carry out many types of offshore wind installations and operations. They currently have the greatest capacity of any company in the offshore wind industry and are ready to continue to make significant investments in larger and more flexible vessels for the future, when needed. In being ready, they can remain at the cutting edge of the wind industry and their customers’ projects can continue to be carried out on time and on budget with excellence in safety.
They always use their own crews and operate and maintain their own vessels. This gives them absolute control over work practices and ensures the highest standards of safety and quality.

BAM creates sustainable built environments across the world that enhance people’s lives and create maximum value for our stakeholders by combining a diversity of people that capitalise on state-of-the-art knowledge, resources and digital technologies to provide construction solutions.

BAM International is a subsidiary of Royal BAM Group, one of Europe’s largest contracting companies active in construction, property, civil engineering, public-private partnerships, mechanical and electrical contracting and engineering in 30 countries across the globe.

BAM International deploys the contracting activities of Royal BAM Group outside Europe. Until some years ago we were known as Interbeton or by the name of our subsidiaries, such as Harbourworks, Decorient and Higgs & Hill. Those names have been changed to include the BAM Group name. Along with other sister companies we benefit from the collective financial strength, know-how and experience that lie within our Group.

BESIX is a leading Belgian Group, operating in construction, concessions and property development sectors. It is a multi-services Group, catering for multi-size projects in construction, infrastructure and marine works, often in contracts with a high level of complexity. Founded in 1909, it has grown steadily and impressively. In Benelux and France, the Group’s regional affiliates BESIX Infra, Belemco, Vanhout, Wust, Cobelba, Jacques Delens and Lux TP ensure a strong presence and a local approach. With Franki Foundations, West Construct, Socogetra, Sanotec and Van den Berg, the Group offers specialist niche solutions for the building market like deep foundations, geo-engineering, road construction, water treatment and cable and pipeline construction. Backed by our experience in our home markets, we have built up strong positions outside Europe. The Group employs more than 14,000 persons in 20 countries across 4 continents.

CMP-Thames undertake marine constriction of all types, incl. piers & marinas, coastal protection, dredging, cofferdams outfalls, decommissioning of structures, canal & river works, drilling and site investigations, subsea, viaducts & bridge foundations and cofferdam designs.
The members of their team are among the most experienced individuals in the Marine & Piling Industry. Their site teams are well trained and work safely and effectively. Their technical department is there to assist with design and budget pricing, whether it be a simple Piling job or a complex Marine operation they would be pleased to hear from you.

Combifloat Systems B.V. is the exclusive supplier of the modular Combifloat® pontoons with a wide variety of clients in the offshore and marine construction industry.
Marine working environments are never constant, never the same. Equipment requirements for marine operations vary with local conditions and with the type of job to be performed. For every job, there is the challenge of finding the ideal equipment… and getting it there. With this mind, the Combifloat Modular pontoon was designed.
Combifloat is a truly globally operating company with over 95% export, worldwide, having an own office in Dubai and agents in various countries.

Fugro are the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources.Their services are specifically designed to support your engineering design and large structure building projects. They create value by acquiring and interpreting earth and engineering data to assist you with the design, construction, installation, repair and maintenance of your infrastructure.
Fugro specialises in the design, build, construction and delivery of marine projects applying its in-house knowledge of jack-up barges, marine drilling, engineering and operations; supplying a full spectrum of services including marine, civil and pile installation, geotechnical investigation and construction related services in nearshore and offshore marine environments.

GMS was established in the UAE in 1977 and has successfully expanded its fleet and geographical coverage, from a local operation in Abu Dhabi to become the number one player in the Middle East, and is now the largest operator of advanced self-propelled self-elevating support vessels (SESVs) in the world. The Group listed on the London Stock Exchange in March 2014.

GMS’ assets provide a stable platform for the delivery of a wide range of services performed by the Group’s clients throughout the lifecycle of offshore oil, gas and renewable energy projects. The vessels are capable of operations in the Middle East, South East Asia, West Africa and Europe.

The Group constructs and maintains its vessels at its yard in Abu Dhabi; its extensive new build programme in recent years has made the GMS fleet the most sophisticated in the industry. The current core fleet comprises 13 SESVs.

From their offices and dedicated quay in Antwerp, the Herbosch Kiere Group focuses on projects which have a high degree of technical difficulty or logistical problems where their expertise as maritime engineers provides clients with safe innovative and economic solutions. They have in-house design expertise enabling them to offer bespoke temporary and permanent works solutions. They continue to invest in marine plant and equipment to supplement their existing substantial fleet of hydrographic and floating equipment which ensures they have the means as well as the expertise to carry out specialist work. Owners and operators of specialised marine and technical equipment including jack up and spud leg barges, rock dumping barges, dredging, survey and piling equipment and heavy lift cranes and associated equipment.

Offshore, at your side – Jack-Up Barge is your competitive partner for reliable offshore support services. Their versatile applicable self-elevating platforms operate in shallow waters, with dedicated teams of craftsmen supporting clients globally with accommodation and lifting services.
While initially focusing on the installation of complete turbines within the renewable market, JUB has specialized itself in services for the hook up and commissioning of High voltage Direct current (HVDC) converter stations and Offshore Sub-Stations (OSS) and within the Oil and GasiIndustry, they have worked on a variety of Life of Field and maintenance projects in Europe and the Middle East. Combined with the well plug and abandonment track record of their sister company SWIFT Drilling BV they have the ability to offer an integrated well abandonment package. In Marine Engineering works, they support globally infrastructure developments like LNG import and export facilities or desalination plants. JUB supports each stage of these projects, from early site investigations to the actual construction or decommissioning of the facility.

Red7Marine are the Marine Partner of Choice and UK’s leading provider of marine access solutions across the construction and renewables industries.  They operate a large varied fleet of marine equipment, including 14 jack up barges working around the UK coast, Red7Marine are ideally placed to provide the safest, most cost effective and best technical solutions across the industry. In addition, Red7Marine has a strong history of safely delivering complex and challenging marine construction projects with experience working as both the principle contractor and as a specialist subcontractor. Jack up barges are available with deck loads ranging from 80t to 800t and can be supplied in bespoke deck layouts to suit individual projects

Seafox is a leading global offshore jack-up company, providing services to support the oil & gas and renewable industry. They own and exclusively manage twelve self-elevating jack-up units. Their customers benefit from their wealth of experience in accommodation & crane support, well testing & workover, transport & installation and decommissioning. Furthermore, Seafox offers temporary accommodation units for offshore locations and on board vessels.
They rely on the combination of their versatile units and the dedication, knowledge and experience of their personnel to ensure safe and successful execution of projects worldwide. This is reflected in the confidence and renewed commitment they receive from national and international clients within the oil & gas and renewable energy industry.

Svensk Sjöentrepenad AB is a company with broad experience and unique resources when it comes to underwater and sea based projects. SSE can offer a wide range of small multipurpose work boats, tugs and jack up barges of different sizes.
They are one of the oldest companies in the Sjöentreprenad, Dykeri and Marine Service. Since the end of 60 century, they have performed works of all sizes, as well as being a service partner to the shipping, shipbuilding, municipalities, power and process industries.
The ownership structure has shifted over the years, today included SSE Marcon the group has its headquarters in Angelholm, Marcon Group is also the owner of Stockholm Water Works AB, Stockholms Vattenentreprenader AB (SVENTAB), Bogserteam Öresund AB, Marcon Teknik and Marcon Windpower AB.

Topbond provide marine services to clients in the Civil Engineering, Port, and Renewable Energy sectors and undertake the installation, repair and refurbishment of marine and waterway structures.
Topbond own and operate a range of specialist marine equipment that is available for hire including; jack up barges, workboats, pontoons etc.
Topbond’s Jack Up barge, ‘Topjack’ has a 250 Tonne lift capacity. The Jack Up Barge is of Modular construction and as such can be transported by road or by Sea. It has legs 36m in length and as such can operate in water depths of up to 25m. At 24.4m in length and 17.08m wide it offers a large deck capacity and is ideal for a variety of roles including; marine construction and engineering projects, survey work, wind farm installation and maintenance support, dredging work etc

Van Oord was established in the mid-19th century and grew over time by acquiring leading dredging and marine engineering firms.
Dredging is their signature talent and one that they have perfected continuously since the business was founded. They maintain their position in traditional dredging sectors and within their home markets thanks to the best dredging equipment and operational experience and are leading the way in the energy transition towards renewable energy by constructing offshore wind projects. Proud builders of the Gemini Offshore Wind Park, one of the largest offshore wind projects in the world. In offshore Oil and gas they deliver ground-breaking projects in challenging offshore markets and environments by providing integrated solutions with a focus on the installation, stabilisation, and protection of offshore oil and gas infrastructure.