Training Overview

Well trained, competent people are essential for the safe and efficient operation of Jack-Up Barges. Mindful of the fact that almost all barge accidents are caused by human error, IJUBOA has developed a range of training programmes and qualifications to ensure that the industry has the skilled people it needs. These include:

  • The IJUBOA Official Log Book, or “Blue Book” is a comprehensive record of a barge worker’s experience and training and can be used to record the competence of barge crew members.
  • IJUBOA has also drawn up National Occupational Standards (NOS) that detail the competence and knowledge that Bargemasters need to be good at their job. They can be used when selecting training courses, when drawing up job descriptions and when conducting appraisals.
  • Demonstrating Bargemaster competence by developing and using a mix of qualifications and other methods.
  • IJUBOA has commissioned a two day course to develop the knowledge of those involved in the procuring and management of Jack-Up Barges which has now been delivered successfully many times, most latterly in November 2017.
  • IJUBOA is working closely with learning providers to develop accredited courses both for people working on barges (based on the qualification units) and for those who manage and procure Jack-Up Barges.

IJUBOA is a member of the Maritime Skills Alliance, the umbrella organisation that works to develop skills across the UK maritime sector. A lot of people transfer between the various different maritime industries – e.g. work boats, the merchant navy, sea fishing – and the MSA’s work to develop and sustain common standards of competence is extremely valuable.